1. Introduction


The Black Filmmakers Film Festival (BFFF) team consists of black filmmakers who have worked in various film and media productions both locally and internationally. As a team we are committed to fulfilling our mission of connecting film and media workers of colour from across the continent and the African diaspora, showcasing their outstanding talent and developing an audience that appreciates the art of African storytelling.

  1. Vision

The Black Filmmakers Film Festival responds to the prevailing lack of opportunities and support for people of colour in the African film and media industry. It is propelled by the need to amplify the voices of black filmmakers and support them in telling their own stories, essentially helping to transform the sector into a more inclusive business environment.

  1. Mission

The Black Filmmakers Film Festival (BFFF) connects and showcases artists of colour from across the African continent and black diaspora through a series of events and workshops in the field of film and media. Through its various events, it seeks to establish itself as a principal port of call for aspiring black creatives, empowering them to realise their ideas in a supportive environment marked by mutual assistance and purposeful collaboration.

BFFF’s operations are based on a three-pronged eventing strategy:

  1. Monthly Film Screenings
  2. Skills Development Workshops
  3. Annual Film Festival